Keep your lawn healthy

Did you know that it is just as important to keep your lawn healthy as it is your body? With regular lawn care, edging, blowing, turf care, aeration and seeding, your lawn can not only look good, but be a healthy lawn! These areas are part of the overall nutrition and sustenance plan that all lawns need to keep their full color and maintain a strong root and mat system. The treatment of your lawn is like exercise for your muscles. If a lawn is not treated or serviced well, it will fail just like your body will fail.
With regular aeration and seeding (now is a great time of the year to to that), your lawn will show greener grass and thicker turf for next Spring. Lawns need to breathe like our lungs, and aeration will keep the air pathways clear, that leads to fuller grass from the healthy air breathed into the depths of the lawn roots where this air can provide necessary nutrients for proper lawn care and growth.
Healthy Lawn2
Great looking lawns dont happen by accident, just like athletes dont win games without alot of practice and healthy routines. Your lawn can be one of the top performers in your neighborhood by allowing it to thrive with these key ingredients:
– Mowing
– Edging
– Blowing
– Aeration (2x/year)
– Seeding and Overseeding
– Leaf Removal

Take some time today to plan out a healthy lawn plan with Envirotech. We can help your lawn with the neighborhood game!