Envirotech Tips for Keeping Your Soil and Garden Healthy

It may be the end of fall, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be keeping your soil happy and healthy. According to Envirotech, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your garden is ready come spring.

Pull Those Dying Plants

Envirotech recommends that you pull up plants that have had disease or insect problems. You do not want those diseases or pests sitting there all winter. Burn or bag up diseased and bug-ridden plants keeping them well clear of your compost pile.

Pare the Perennials

After the first hard frost, cut your perennials back to about six inches tall. Cutting back to early will not give the upper plant the energy it needs to get through the winter. Wait until the plant has died and then start cutting back.

Get Rid of Slimy Leaves

While you are pruning and cutting make sure that you get rid of the slimy leaves after the first hard frost. Leaving the slime allows for bugs and disease to enter the plant during the winter. Those pesky critters love slime. Dig out your weeds and give the garden just enough water to keep your plants nice and moist during the colder months.

Keep your Pretty Plants Tall and Standing

Plants that stand up straight, such as coneflowers, sunflowers, blackberry lilies and thistles have interesting seed heads and can provide sanctuary and food for nesting birds and butterflies. Cutting everything down to the ground could eliminate your crop of butterflies in the spring and summer.

Cover it Up

Spreading compost over your garden or composted manure will enrich your soil. Without compost, your soil may become depleted. Good compost that contains grass, leaves and straw is a great way to keep your soil healthy during the winter.

This winter keep your soil and your garden happy with Envirotech.

Lawn Maintenance During Fall and Winter

Lawn maintenance is important during the spring and summer. However, you shouldn’t completely ignore your lawn just because the temperature is starting to drop.

Fall Preparation

There isn’t that much that needs to be done as far as lawn maintenance is concerned during the winter as long as you prepare your lawn during autumn until spring. Envirotech recommends:

• Aerating, fertilizing and mowing before the season’s first freeze
• Rake dead leaves
• Keep the lawn free from debris and foot traffic

According to Envirotech, the best time to prune those trees is during the winter as pruning will help promote new growth and fruit production. Below are some other tips that you may want to consider when it comes to lawn maintenance this fall and winter.


It’s best to fertilize in late fall or early winter during the cool season grasses. Because most lawns in the US are made from Bluegrass or Bermuda, your yard will probably yabe a cool season blend.

Thoroughly fertilize your lawn prior to the first freeze. This will replace the nutrients that may have been lost during the summer. Once the weather gets cold, the fertilizer will feed the roots all season long. When spring comes around, your lawn will be lush, healthy and green as it was fed fertilizer during the colder months.


Towards the end of summer start lowering the cutting base on the lawn mower every time you mow. By slowly cutting the grass shorter, you will be allowing it to wear the winter well without it going into shock. Leaving your lawn too long during winter will attract burrowing animals and mice who are looking for a place to spend the colder months. Keeping your grass as short as you possibly can at the end of the summer will help protect new growth as well.

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